Our country

Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere and it has a population of approximately 39 million people. The country is enormous and ranks as the second largest state in South America. Its unique geography engulfs mountains, plains and jungles thereby establishing it as one of the unique countries around the whole world.

From Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego you will experience many different kinds of weather, ranging from very hot deserts in the north to very cold lands in the south. Yet the dominant climate is a warm one. It is worth noting that the seasons in Argentina are inverted to those in the Northern Hemisphere.
Buenos Aires is the capital of the country and has approximately 12 million residents, staking its claim among the most important cities of the world. The currency is the Argentine Peso but the US Dollar and the Euro are accepted everywhere. The official language is Spanish.

“Argentina… A country that will surprise you!”